Rapture II

So, here we are (still). Unraptured, unsubjected to the tortures of hell on Earth we were promised by the grade A, Crackpot First Class Harold Camping. The papers are full of sob stories about the morons who bought into this nonsense and now have to face the consequences.

Last Judgement

Last week I expressed some sympathy for the likes of the Martinez family, but this week, after reading the bleatings of the faithful, I’ve changed my mind.

There are a crowd who rented 50 rooms in an expensive hotel to await Jesus, believing they would never be presented with the bill. How stupid can you get and still go about on your hind legs? These bloody fools deserve nothing but contempt and ridicule, and the more of that that is heaped upon them, the less likely will it be that others will believe the next Camping, or even this self same Camping when he amends his ridiculous calculations again.

Last week I mentioned the fact that yelling “fire!” in crowded auditorium is not protected speech under any sane constitution, and likened Camping’s absurd statements to just that situation. I sincerely hope someone in the US brings a prosecution against him, and a jury finds him responsible for some of the harm he has done.

Then he can finish his days in a lunatic asylum, where he should have been confined a long time ago.

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2 Responses to Rapture II

  1. Beechmount says:

    Sue this crazy old fool- stick him in a nut house somewhere. That’s where he belongs. As for his followers-stupidity reins unabated in the US of A. They deserve whatever trouble they got into, by trusting that old fart and his crazy predictions. Unfortunately, the same type of people will do it again and again.

  2. Con-Tester says:

    The dementedly drooling, cross-eyed and fevered utopianism aside, there is also the profoundly questionable morality of checking into a hotel — as a so-called Christian — in the full expectation that you won’t have to pay your bill. It’s a violation of at least one Commandment. Fortunately the situation has been self-correcting in this case. The real damage is to the many children who were dragged into Camping’s insanity, and those people who are now burdened with the fallout of it, mostly looking after those dupes who fully bought into it.

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